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The Bronx Boys, hosted by Carl Reiner, is a documentary about fifteen men that met in kindergarten at Public School 80 in the Bronx, New York. Join the Bronx Boys 65 years later at a playground reunion of basketball, football, stickball and 70th birthday celebrations. The boys may have lost a step on the field, but their New York sense of humor is still firmly intact. The Bronx Boys is a smile-inducing tribute to long-lasting friendships.




The Bronx Boys - Hosted by Carl Reiner



...a lovely valentine to a time and place that is no longer.
Jacqueline Cutler, New York Newsday


The four minute segment below is from "The Bronx Boys."
It's titled 'Games We Used To Play' and fondly,
as well as humorously, recalls playing Stickball.


...a warmly funny, nostalgic look at 15 men's 65+ years
of shared friendship, fun, trust and memories.

Joseph Sirota, Orange County Weekly


...very heartwarming and occasionally touching.
Hollywood Reporter


Make friends and keep them.
Because even though you wind up in a love relationship,
and a family relationship, there's nothing like the old shoes.
And your old shoe that's comfortable is your old buddy.

Jim Roth, one of "The Bronx Boys"



– NEWS –


"As they recall schoolboy crushes, ice cream trucks and stickball, their reminiscences also conjure up a safer, simpler world. Maybe that's why what began as a video scrapbook of their joint 70th birthday celebration wound up an award-winning film, The Bronx Boys, which has appeared on Cinemax, played at a few film festivals and begun appearing on PBS stations this fall. Carl Reiner is the host of the film, which was edited and directed by Benjamin Hershleder. 'They have something special, these 15 guys,' Hershleder says."

Read the entire TIME story by clicking here or

Time Story   Download a reprint of the story here.
(PDF file format / 1MB)
AVMedia AV Media Magazine interviewed "The Bronx Boys" Director-Editor Benjamin Hershleder about the inner-workings of the production and editing of the film.




"The Bronx Boys" aired on many PBS stations across the US in 2004 and 2005. Here's a small sampling of past PBS broadcasts.

Cinemax "The Bronx Boys" aired as part of the Cinemax documentary anthology series "Reel Life" in July and August 2003.

HBO "The Bronx Boys" screened in New York City from September 20 - 26, 2002 as part of HBO's "Frame by Frame" festival. The film was very well received during it's week-long run. On Saturday the 21st, "The Bronx Boys" screened to a standing room only house that thoroughly enjoyed the film at every turn. It was great to hear that much laughter. And the other highlight was on Monday the 23rd when 12 of the 15 Bronx Boys, along with their wives, attended the 1pm screening and then we had a wonderful lunch reception afterward.

B & D "The Bronx Boys" was selected to screen for several weekends at select Laemmle theaters in Los Angeles as part of the "Bagels and Docs" Jewish film series in May and June 2003.

The Bronx Boys was invited to screen at The New Jersey Jewish Film Festival on April 11, 2005. Along with an audience of 350+, "Bronx Boy" Sam Lewis attended and spoke after the screening. Festival organizers reported that, "'The Bronx Boys' was a wonderful hit! The crowd really loved it. They also had a wonderful time with Sam Lewis. He had a fan club that wouldn’t leave him alone!"

FSW "The Bronx Boys" screened in June 2004 at the Jacob Burns Film Center. The award-winning documentary was invited to be the centerpiece of the fundraising benefit for the senior services division of The Family Services of Westchester in New York. The organizers had this to report: "The evening was a huge success, raising more than $55,000 for FSW's senior services, and the audience was absolutely delighted with "The Bronx Boys." They roared with laughter several times and there was much applause at the end."

The Bronx Club at Valencia Falls screened the film in January 2005 and enjoyed the attendance of five of the men who appear in the film. Arnold Schaffer, President of the Bronx Club, had this to relate: "Wow what a night it was! A crowd of 200 people gathered to view the award winning documentary "The Bronx Boys" and meet five of the "Bronx Boys" that were in the film: Lenny Lauren, Lenny Kulick, Carl Golub, Joey Greenberg and Woody Broad. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision the amount of people that would show up. It was an evening filled with nostalgia, fun and laughs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the film as well as hearing more tales from the five "Bronx Boys," who were once again sent back into time telling of their antics growing up. Everyone had a great evening."

L'Chaim L'Chiam! Jewish Film Festival, March, 2004 (invited).

WFF Wisconsin Film Festival, February, 2003. "The Bronx Boys" screened to a sold out audience at The Bartell Theater.

PBJFF Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, December 2003 (invited).

PBIFF Pensacola Bay Int'l. Film Festival, March, 2003 (invited).




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The Bronx Boys screened theatrically for a week in New York as part of the HBO "Frame by Frame" documentary showcase, screened theatrically for several weekends in Los Angeles as part of Laemmle Theatres' "Bagels and Docs" series, aired on the HBO/Cinemax documentary anthology series "Reel Life," and was broadcast on PBS. These screenings, as well as others at various film festivals, generated a good amount of press for this modest project.

Click links to read the complete articles and reviews.

TIME TIME magazine story
"Meet the Bronx Boys – Fifteen New York City kids, the subject of a lauded documentary, have stayed in touch for more than 65 years....The friends' story, which was recently turned into a documentary, reveals a gentler era, when the phrase 'friends forever' had meaning."

HR Hollywood Reporter blurbs
"...very heartwarming and occasionally touching."

HLM Movieline's Hollywood Life Magazine blurb
"Must absolutely see TV"

OC Weekly O.C. Weekly article
"...a warmly funny, nostalgic look at 15 men's 65+ years of shared friendship, fun, trust and memories."

TV Guide TV Guide Close-Up
"Carl Reiner hosts a joyous this entertaining documentary."

Sun Sentinel story
"It was the 1930s when a group of boys from the Bronx forged friendships that would outlast all other ties....Not long ago, that friendship was transposed from the realm of memory to TV in a documentary film, The Bronx Boys, which aired on Cinemax in 2003 and PBS this year. "

AT Albuquerque Tribune blurb
"...really captures the humor...Excellent."

NB article
"Bronx cheer..."

NYN NY Newsday article
"...a lovely valentine to a time and place that is no longer."

LA TImes L.A. Times blurb
"...poignant new documentary..."

The Week The Week Magazine blurb
The Week's guide to what's worth watching:
"...a cheerful testament to the power of lifelong friendship..."

CT Now blurb
"'s amusing to hear about their memories of old games, girlfriends and the bond that kept them close."

Exponent The Exponent article
" is here that the Bronx cheers for the past are roars of approval..."

SL Senior Life Magazine article
"...fifteen of the Bronx Boys are together again, laughing and playing just like they did back in the good old days. With the heartwarming panache of the best home movies..."

JW Jewsweek Magazine article
"Producer George Shapiro on growing up in the Bronx, reality television, and discovering a guy named Jerry Seinfeld."

LA Times L.A. Times Calendar article
"...The Bronx Boys is sentimental, but it is more than that..."

Isthmus Isthmus Newspaper
"...these 15 guys get along so well that you may prefer their reunion over your own. Very enjoyable."




Group Photo

300dpi color photo.
ctual image is 1875 x 1270

All The Bronx Boys with Host Carl Reiner

SITTING: John Herman Shaner; Elliott Liss; Woody Broad; Carl Reiner; Joseph Greenberg; George Shapiro; Joel Coler. STANDING: Jim Roth; Herb Rostand; Jay Schwartz; Lenny Lauren; Howard West; Samuel Lewis; Carl Golub; Lenny Kulick; Lenny Schulman.

Download .zip archive



Producers & Host

300dpi color photo.
Actual image is 870 x 580

George Shapiro, Producer; Carl Reiner, Host;
Howard West, Producer

Download .zip archive



Producers & Seinfeld

300dpi color photo.
Actual image is 360 x 270

George Shapiro, Producer; Jerry Seinfeld;
Howard West, Producer

Download .zip archive



Director & Host

300dpi color photo.
ctual image is 870 x 580

Benjamin Hershleder, Director-Editor
with Carl Reiner, Host

Download .zip archive




300dpi black & white photo.
ctual image is 1600 x 1100

Howard West and George Shapiro

Download .zip archive






“The Bronx Boys” is available for screening in theaters, on television, at film festivals and for fund-raisers. Unfortunately, the film is not available for sale to the public at this time.

Formats available: 16mm, Digi-Beta, Beta-SP and DVD. Running time is 44:30. Broadcast version is surround encoded with stereo fold-down and is closed captioned.

All inquiries are handled by Director-Editor Benjamin Hershleder.
He may be reached at Ben [at]





  Friendships come and go. Imagine, however, a friendship that has lasted 65 years. Now imagine 15 of them.

They met in kindergarten at Public School 80 in the Bronx, New York in 1936. Friends for life, The Bronx Boys came together for a unique reunion. Over a long summer weekend, these 15 boys celebrated their 70th birthdays, recounted humorous memories about each other, the girls they desired, the teachers they endured, and a whole lot more.

But to top it all off, they relived their childhood by playing the games they enjoyed as kids in the schoolyard and streets of the Bronx. For one day the years disappeared as these 70 year old boys once again challenged each other to Stickball, Marbles, Chestnuts, Football, Basketball and other games. The boys may have lost a step on the field, but their New York sense of humor is still firmly intact.

Hosted by Carl Reiner, you'll meet an interesting group, including Lenny Lauren (clothing designer Ralph Lauren's older brother and business partner), John Herman Shaner (noted film writer, including "Last Married Couple In America"), and George Shapiro & Howard West (producers/managers).

A smile-inducing tribute to long-lasting friendships. Funny, uplifting, inspiring, life-affirming . . . you'll enjoy meeting The Bronx Boys.





The Telly Awards recognizes outstanding television commercials, films and videos. Since it's beginning in 1980, the Telly Awards has become a well known and highly respected competition.

The 23rd Annual Telly Awards received over 11,000 entries. Productions do not compete against each other. Rather, they compete against a high standard of excellence. Judges rated each production on a 10 point scale. Entries with a score of 9.0 or higher received the Silver Telly, while those that scored between 7.0 and 8.9 received the Bronze Telly. All involved with The Bronx Boys are very pleased to have been recognized with a Bronze Telly Award.



Remi The 41st Annual WorldFest Houston received more than 4,400 entries from over 30 countries. All involved with The Bronx Boys are very pleased to have been recognized with a Silver Remi Award from this prestigious festival.


DV Awards
"The Bronx Boys" was selected as a Winner in the 2002 DV Awards. The DV Awards is a national competition recognizing outstanding creative and technical achievements in the world of digital video production. 




  Hosted by Carl Reiner
Directors of Photography Brian Hoodenpyle & Will Hooke
Produced by George Shapiro & Howard West
Directed & Edited by
Benjamin Hershleder


The Bronx Boys
Joel Coler
Carl Golub
Joey Greenberg
Lenny Kulick
Lenny Lauren
Sammy Lewis
Elliott Liss
Herb Rostand
Jim Roth
Jay Schwartz,
John Herman Shaner
Lenny Schulman
George Shapiro
Howard West

Line Producer

Camera Operators
Brian Hoodenpyle
William Hooke
Rory King
Kurt Kim
Burt Hershe

Location Sound
Eric Naughton

Production Stills

Production Assistants
Fran Pulizzi
Rik Swartzwelder
Anthony Backman


Additional Stills

Assistant Avid Editor

Avid Editing Facility

Video To Film Transfer

Special Thanks
Heywood Broad
Joel Coler
Carl Golub
Joey Greenberg
Lenny Kulick
Lenny Lauren
Sammy Lewis
Elliott Liss
Herb Rostand
Jim Roth
Jay Schwartz
John Herman Shaner
Lenny Schulman
George Shapiro
Howard West

Benjamin Hershleder

Matt Faw
Brian Hoodenpyle
William Hooke
Rory King
Kurt Kim
Burt Hershel

Nick Kitinski
Eric Naughton

Skye Peyton

Aimee Hyatt
Fran Pulizzi
Rik Swartzwelder
Anthony Backman


Bronx Co. Historical Society

David Crisler

Moviola Digital

Four Media Company

The Bronx Boys
Carl Reiner
Christopher Pratt
Patty Montesion
Dorene O'Malley
Bill Weisman
Jerry Pierucci
Carolyn Schultz
Stan Hershleder
Mike McNulty
Paul Valdez
Family & Friends



– BIOS –

Click the links below to jump to a bio
or scroll down the page
Carl Reiner, Host
George Shapiro & Howard West, Producers
Benjamin Hershleder, Director-Editor
Brian Hoodenpyle & Will Hooke, Cinematographers




Depending on who you talk to, Carl Reiner is best known as a co-star on the legendary television program "Your Show of Shows" . . . or as the creator and co-star of "The Dick van Dyke Show" . . . or as The Interviewer of "The 2,000 Year Old Man". . . or as director of feature films, including "The Jerk," "All of Me'' and "Oh, God!". . . or as father of actor writer-director-producer Rob Reiner and husband of jazz vocalist Estelle Reiner. . . or as the recipient of twelve Emmy awards . . . or . . . 

Born in the Bronx, Reiner is the son of a watchmaker. At Evander Childs High School, his interest was baseball, but at age sixteen he took a job as a machinist helper in the millinery trade. He simultaneously enrolled in drama school for eight months and landed a part as a second tenor in an updated version of "The Merry Widow."

Reiner subsequently served in World War II, first training as a radio operator in the Air Force, followed by an assignment to Georgetown University to study French in order to become an interpreter, then as a teletype operator in the Signal Corps and later as a comedian and actor with Maurice Evans' Special Services Entertainment Unit. He toured the Pacific for eighteen months in G.I. revues.

Upon his honorable discharge in 1946, he won the leading role in the national company of "Call Me Mister" and after three more years in various Broadway musicals, joined Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca on "Your Show of Shows."

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As executive producers of the NBC series "Seinfeld", which completed it's run as the #1 rated program in television, and as Executive Producers (with Jersey Films & Universal) of the feature film "MAN ON THE MOON" (based on Andy Kaufman's life, starring Jim Carrey), George Shapiro and Howard West have been riding high on a well-deserved wave of success. Nominated for two 1995 Emmy Awards for their producing efforts ("Seinfeld," and "A Comedy Salute to Andy Kaufman"), George and Howard have a unique style that combines personal warmth with business savvy which has earned them a reputation of unqualified respect among their peers.

"Seinfeld" has won a prestigious Peabody Award, a Golden Globe Award, Emmy Award and Peoples' Choice Award. At the same time, "Seinfeld" entered the syndication market with one of the most lucrative off-network deals ever made. In a career full of highlights, the "Seinfeld" experience has been a pinnacle for George and Howard and the two truly appreciate what years of hard work have brought them.

George Shapiro and Howard West have a long history together. Their business association builds upon a friendship that began in the Bronx in the schoolyard of PS 80. Following their college years (George graduated from New York University; Howard's alma mater is Long Island University) and after serving in the United States Army, the two began their entertainment careers at the William Morris Agency. As agents specializing in television packaging – that indefinable act of bringing together creative and performing talent and selling the project to television – they packaged such shows as "Gomer Pyle, USMC"; "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour," "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour", "The Bobby Darren Show" and "That Girl", as well as specials for Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing, Dick Van Dyke and Bill Cosby.

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Benjamin Hershleder is an award-winning Director and accomplished Editor. Benjamin has produced and/or directed a variety of projects for such companies as Shapiro-West, The Spark Factory, Old Fashioned Pictures, and Green Productions. In April 2004 he set-up two television shows with Freemantle Media based Syd Vinnedge Productions (American Idol, Baywatch, Price Is Right, etc.).

His work includes producing, directing and editing “The Bronx Boys,” a documentary hosted by Carl Reiner. This heartwarming film about the reunion of 15 men from the Bronx who have been friends for an astounding 65 years was purchased by HBO/Cinemax and aired as part of their “Reel Life” documentary anthology series. In addition, it was recently acquired by PBS. “The Bronx Boys” has received a Telly Award, a Silver Remi Award, was a Winner in the 2002 DV Awards and screened as part of the prestigious HBO “Frame by Frame” showcase and Laemmle Theatres’ “Bagels and Docs” film series.

In the world of short films, Benjamin has written, produced, and directed several award-winning short films and documentaries. His highly acclaimed comedy "Paul McCall," which he wrote and directed, screened at over 60 international festivals and received over 15 awards and honors, including an Emmy, a CINE Golden Eagle, and a Gold Ebenseer Bear. The poignant drama "Tickits," which he produced, directed and edited, screened at over 25 festivals and garnered 14 awards and honors, including a Directing Citation from Turin, Italy’s International Festival of Young Cinema and a N.E.M.N. Gold Apple Award. Other films include the detective drama spoof "To Speak To Her Again" and the short documentary "More Than A Sport.

Benjamin is also very proud to be associated with Old Fashioned Pictures’ film entitled, “The Least of These.” Hershleder served as a Co-Producer and Co-Editor of this multi-award-winning production directed by Rik Swartzwelder. The film has screened internationally in over 55 festivals and received 27 awards, including a CINE Golden Eagle, a CINE Special Jury Award, a Crystal Heart and a Silver Telly.

In addition to his work as a director, Benjamin is an accomplished Avid Editor. He was editor of the recently released Paramount Studios’ feature “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy,” a concert film starring George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez and Cheech Marin. He was also recently named a Winner of The Silver Telly Award (their highest honor) from the prestigious Telly Awards for his editing and writing on a piece for The American Heart Association. His background in postproduction also includes editing the feature film “Hollywood Capri,” two years as a Lead Editor for E! Entertainment Television and editing one of the hour-long pilot episodes of “In Search Of…” for Fox Television. Additionally, Benjamin's strength in postproduction has been recognized by Avid Technology. He is one of approximately two hundred Avid Certified Instructors worldwide.

Benjamin may be found on the internet at




Brian moved to Los Angeles in 1996, after graduating Florida State University’s Graduate Film Conservatory, to pursue his passion for cinematography. His director of photography credits include BRING HIM HOME (2000) starring Ed Asner and Sharron Glasse, SCREAM AT THE SOUND OF THE BEEP (2001) starring Kate Towne and Chad Lowe and several award winning short films including the recent Hollywood buzz short HERB ZIPPER, HOW TO BE A CYBER LOVAH. Brian has also shot 2nd Unit on several independent features, including SIX STRING SAMURAI (1998) winner of the 1998 Slamdance award for Best Cinematography, THE HEIST starring Luke Perry and Ice T, PARTNERS starring Casper Van Dien and NAKED IN THE COLD SUN starring Darren Burrows. Outside of the feature film world Brian has shot for such companies as SONY, SKI-DOO, SPANGER CANDY COMPANY, MITSUBISHI, and HARMON-KARDON. He has most recently been shooting music videos for acclaimed director Marc Klasfled including Bad Ronald’s "LET’S BEGIN" and The Handsome Devil’s "MAKIN’ MONEY."



William Hooke's award-winning student work includes TRUE FICTION, directed and shot at Syracuse University (1991) and HEAT SPELL, directed at the Florida State University graduate film conservatory (1993). His professional credits include cinematographer on the independent features GREY AREAS (1996) and NEXT TIME (1997); cinematographer on the feature documentaries "THE VELVET HAMMER" (1999) and "KAROKE FEVER" (2000); cinematographer on the feature mocumentary "BIG TIME" (2000) and the VH1 show "FAN CLUB." His company, Reel to Real Productions, has produced behind-the-scenes 'making ofs' for CRIMSON TIDE (1996), ENEMY OF THE STATE (1998), and SPY GAME (2001). In addition, he is the co-screenwriter of "SHARK ATTACK" (1998), as well as the two sequels.














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