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I thought that the "Movies Are Better" concept could click with viewers in the same way as Budweiser's "Wass Up" or the IDFA's "Got Milk?" commercials. I imagined it would make for a fun, catchy campaign for Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Netflix, Budweiser, MPAA, Coca-Cola (in theaters), etc.    [ click here for more or scroll down ]

I tried various avenues of putting the concept in front of different companies. No matter what channels I went through, none of the companies would look at the concept. It wasn't that they didn't like it; they just wouldn't look at it.

So, I let it go and turned my attention to other projects. Then one day it occured to me that there was no reason to let the spots sit and gather dust. So, I edited them back to back, slapped some credits on there and called it a short film.

I entered a few festivals and competitions – mostly so I wouldn't feel I had wasted my money or my and my friends' time. It won a couple awards and screened a few times around the globe, which made me feel a little better anyway. At least someone other than my mom liked the idea too!

Now, following a successful limited-time Internet release of a film I directed and edited (The McPassion), I thought I'd put this on the web too.

What will happen?

#1 –
A company will watch the spots and agree with my estimation of this concept's value. They'll buy the idea, and I'll have the opporttunity to make more spots with them that continue this theme.

#2 –
Even though I've registered the concept with the WGA and copyrighted it with the Library of Congress, some person or company will rip-off the idea and use it anyway.

#3 –
The Internet response will be so overwhelmingly positive that it will lead to #1.

#4 –
Viewers that liked it will help me out by linking to this site, rather than downloading it. Then maybe this will lead to #3... and then eventually to #1.

#5 –
Some people will like it...others won't.

Feel free to let me know what you think.